An eclectic restaurant in the heart of Stratford, from Chef Tim Otsuki, with a focus on elevated comfort food from his love of travel and experiences working around the world.


80 Wellington St, Stratford, ON, N5A 2L2

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"People can actually see our beautiful, hidden patio! Now our guests can enter the patio through our new entryways without walking through the back of the kitchen or through the dining room, to be seated on our 'not so hidden patio'. This has created so much opportunity to increase business and has added to our unique charm at The Common. We are so excited to welcome our friends and families and guests of all kinds back to the patio once it's warm and safe!!"

Tim Otsuki, Chef/Owner

Project Summary

Creating covid safe entryways while bringing more attention to the hidden patio with front access from Wellington st and now an entryway from the dining room to the alley, thus avoiding traffic through the dining room and through the side of the kitchen to gain access to the patio. Plus with the heaters we are able to keep guests warm and open the patio earlier and stay open into the later fall!  It has created more space, proper flow for service and guests and has given us a great opportunity to increase business.

Key Impacts

• We are a staff of 5 and with increasing the flow of traffic to patio we expect to be doubling in size with 5 more staff by mid summer.

• We have already hired 2 for patio season!

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