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Stratford, Ontario.

The Stratford Advantage

Stratford's unique qualities have long attracted business to our world-renowned City, strategically located in the heart of Southern Ontario. Our "Stratford Advantage" has attracted, established and grown our wide range of industry which includes internationally renowned theatre, smart technologies, world leading educational institutions and global manufacturers -  all businesses proud to invest here and call Stratford home.

Relocate or Expand

Locating in Stratford offers business multiple advantages designed to build and grow their business. Opportunity and success live here.


Start a Small Business

Starting a business is exciting and challenging. The Small Business Centre team offer advice and support to area entrepreneurs and youth.



Our team serves the Stratford Business Community, providing information and support to help navigate Stratford's business landscape. 


Staging the Future

World-leading digital infrastructure supporting smart technologies that advance community, industry and business innovation.

Stratford's industries range from arts and culture to manufacturing and science, all building a future together. World-class theatre, global industry, and an engaged community - we have it all."

Martin Ritsma

Mayor, City of Stratford

City-wide Wifi & Fibre Optic

Stratford's advanced technical infrastructure of integrated broadband fibre and high-speed wifi platform provides internet connectivity throughout the City of Stratford.


Higher Education & Training

Stratford's University of Waterloo campus, Conestoga College Campus and four other universities located within an hour drive, educate the community and attract skilled labour to our area.


Internationally Renowned Culture

Stratford is an international destination with a thriving cultural economy. The world famous Stratford Festival is one of Canada's leading tourist attractions generating $140M in economic activity, $65M in taxes and 3,000 in jobs.


Progressive Municipal Leadership

Stratford's City Leadership has strategically invested in infrastructure and services that support innovation and economic growth that benefit both large and small business.


Available Land

The Wright Business Park offers premium development ready lands at competitive rates. Businesses can access government funding programs, loans, tax incentives, and more.



Home to the Stratford Festival and the University of Waterloo’s School of Interaction Design and Business, Stratford is also located within Ontario’s largest Information Technology cluster and North America’s largest Automotive cluster.










Featured News and Media Releases

Home to the world famous Stratford Festival, the City of Stratford is also a world-leader in smart infrastructure and technology that supports all sized businesses, entrepreneurs and citizens.


Stratford Tourism Alteration Transformation Project (STAT)*

The Stratford Tourism Alteration Transformation Project was made possible through the support of the Government of Canada and the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. Funds were provided to support businesses impacted by the COVID-19 related decline of Tourism in the City of Stratford. Grants ranged from $7,500 and $20,000 and were available to applicants whose businesses relied heavily on tourism activities and who met eligibility requirements. *Project Closed*

Smart Community Initiatives

Stratford's ubiquitous WiFi, dark fibre backbone and leading edge DSRC and 5G capabilities, give its businesses a unique competitive advantage. As Ontario's first Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration Zone, Stratford is a real-world setting for autonomous technologies to be tested, validated and showcased  in live scenarios in accordance with applicable laws and regulations using vehicle platforms such as city buses, fleet vehicles, and OEM vehicles.

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