Smart Community

Stratford's unique municipal-wide broadband network, reputation for innovation and strengths in IT and automotive make it the ideal real-life location to demonstrate new autotech in a living lab environment.

With a history of innovation at our core we are staging the future and positioning ourselves at the forefront of the automated vehicle revolution.


As an urban community, Stratford has an excellent testing ground including traffic signals, signs, intersections, railway crossings, roundabouts, streets with tree canopies, centre boulevards and other real world scenarios.

Locational Advantage

With its compact urban core, Stratford is located in a geographical region that offers a variety of weather conditions, topography and traffic conditions. We also happen to be the central automotive manufacturing hub.

World-leading Digital Infrastructure

Stratford's ubiquitous WiFi, dark fibre backbone and leadinge edge DSRC and 5G capabilities, have given it the competitive edge.

Stratford is wired to go.

Setting the stage for the automotive vehicle revolution. Wired to go.

intersection with smart technology

Stratford, located in southwest Ontario, has been involved in automobile manufacturing since the early days of the automobile. The design and technology aspects of the auto sector are primed to experience profound growth and Stratford is uniquely positioned to lead the charge.

Ranked as one of the world's most intelligent communities

Stratford offers an extraordinary blend of location, infrastructure, institutions, amenities, lifestyle and culture.

In recognition of this, the City has earned its place in the Top 7 Intelligent Community of the Year rankings for 2011, 2012 and 2013 by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF).

Communities that have been designated by ICF have demonstrated a progressive vision incorporating broadband connectivity, knowledge workforce, digital inclusion, innovation, marketing and advocacy.

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