We are a small, family-run Inn located in the heart of Stratford.


38 Albert Street, Stratford, ON

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“We have temporarily pivoted from relying on tourists coming to Stratford for accommodations to locals who need a “get away” without leaving their city, as well as attracting those within the area who are looking for rest relaxation and a break from their current situations whether it be working from home, a date night, a family fun night with outdoor activities planned and much more! Once tourists are allowed back, we are ready to provide them a safe place to stay.”

Christine Shantz, Owner /operator

Project Summary

We are able to have guests virtually check-in and come into the building with the new entrance created for inn guests only, as opposed to sharing the front entrance with the patrons going to the on-site restaurant.

In room dining - we have provided a private dining space in each room for guests to order from local restaurants to enjoy their food and drink using the dining ware provided, with candles, stemware for wine, glassware for cocktails or sparkling water, mugs for hot beverages, plates and real cutlery so they can enjoy like they are in a restaurant. We have partnered with local restaurants to provide “brunch basket” drop offs at each room and other pairing options for beer tasing, chocolate tastings etc.

Key Impacts

• We are partnering with local spas, shops, restaurants, breweries, for virtual tastings, shopping, providing a safe experience in these trying times.

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