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The Stratford Perth Museum Association is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the rich material and cultural heritage of the County of Perth and the City of Stratford. To this end, the Association operates the Stratford Perth Museum to provide curatorial services for the artifacts and collections placed in its care, and to present public educational exhibits, programs and information which bring to life the history of the region for its citizens and visitors, in accordance with the Museum’s agreement with the City and County. Our vision is to be recognized as a vibrant community museum, respected for our vital role in preserving, interpreting and celebrating our artifacts, stories and rich cultural heritage.


4275 Huron Road, Stratford, ON

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“This support enabled the museum to build our new outdoor performance space, that has been named Player’s Back Stage. In addition to solidifying a revenue stream for the museum it will also serve as a community hub where other like-minded organizations can present events of community importance.”

John Kastner, General Manager

Project Summary

The Player’s Back Stage gives the museum a permanent venue that we can use to present programming related to the museum as well as events with our partners, such as Stratford Summer Music or the Stratford Festival

Just as importantly, it will also be used for third parties who want to present their own events – or to get married!

The support from STAT was critical to this but it could not have been completed without the incredible response from our capital campaign or the support from local companies.

Key Impacts

• Provided permanent outdoor stage for future partnerships and events

• Potential future revenue source

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