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Stratford Chefs School is a not-for-profit career college focused on the innovative, hands-on training of high quality, aspiring chefs and culinary entrepreneurs.


192 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON N5A 3H4

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"The 2020 STAT Grant was instrumental in helping the School to communicate, to our wider community, the COVID-19 related evolutions of both our recreational and professional training opportunities. These evolutions have allowed the School to stay true to its mission, while building a framework for sustainability moving forward."

Kim Cosgrove, Executive Director

Project Summary

Our 2020 STAT project provided the School with communication and marketing content for the COVID-19 related evolutions of our Open Kitchen @Home recreational program and our professional student Dinners To Go program.

Key Impacts

• Our Dinners To Go program allowed the School to continue limited professional training during lockdown periods. This limited employee lay offs and delays in training completion for students.

• Our Open Kitchen @ Home program pivoted our hands-on, recreational program into an online format, preventing layoffs. This new format will continue in an expanded format in 2021 and we hope to add an additional seasonal employee.

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