Rosehurst Stratford Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast


131 Front St, Stratford, ON N5A 4H3

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"Rosehurst is a Victorian home with many existing exterior entrances which have been enhanced to allow many entrances to the separate rooms at the Inn. Building one more separate staircase now allows each of the four suites to have private exterior entrances. This enhancement allows the BnB to operate at full capacity without having guests intermingle indoors. Given that each space has an outdoor balcony, porch or veranda for private dining and possible visiting, this change allows me to focus on providing great experiences, the same delicious dining and invite customers in a COVID safe way."

Theresa Albert, Innkeeper

Project Summary

Build exterior staircase to second floor room.

Key Impacts

• Operating at full capacity instead of having to close off rooms due to guest proximity

• Rehiring contract cleaning and vegetable garden help

• Financial recovery is possible in shorter period of time (having lost and entire year's income and counting)

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