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"For 52 years we have been putting smiles on our customers faces with our speciality confections made right on site in the heart of Stratford."


55 Albert St. Stratford, N5A 3K2

Grant Amount


Total Project Cost


“In the spring we recognized the need to improve our website’s ability to handle mobile devices, curb side orders, and improve the site’s customer functionality.

This grant enabled us to make necessary changes to our website and add additional plugins that enhance the customers on-line shopping experience.  These improvements helped minimize phone calls from customers needing assistance troubleshooting the website, increased customer confidence as they moved to on-line shopping, and improved order accuracy. With our new functioning website, our business was able to serve our customers, during our busy holiday seasons as normally as we could during a very abnormal time.”

Kristene Steed, Owner/ Operator

Project Summary

Improving online ordering.

Key Impacts

• New site saw an 88% increase in on-line sales in October to December sales in 2020 over 2021.

• Our in-store sales for Valentines 2020 were almost directly replaced by the online sales of 2021. The online sales of 2020 were replaced by the in-store sales of 2021. Interesting to see the direct flip between the two.

• Without a doubt our company’s ability to maneuver through the changes brought on by the pandemic, is largely due to our ability to continue to serve our customers’ needs with our website.

• We had 7 full time and 3 part time staff managing the processing of the online orders.

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