Resonance is a women’s clothing store where spirit and style meet. With both a showroom and digital shop, we help women resonate in their clothing internationally. We specialize in customer service.


23 Downie St. Stratford ON N5A 1W6

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"This investment allows us to reach into the future and create the business we hoped to grow into - right now. We’ve increased our ability to both create and meet digital demand in a competitive landscape. We’re expanding our potential customer base with the introduction of Men’s Wear and increasing our interactions with existing customers who may purchase men’s items for family members and/or recommend Resonance to family and friends. Our new space enables us to devote more customer service energy to our digital platforms to ensure our virtual connections match the high standards of customer service we are known for in our shop. Plus, the new systems we’ve put in place make everything more fun, and that shows in our marketing!"

Jo Gordon, Owner

Project Summary

Creating a socially distanced hub to focus on our digital offerings has allowed us to create content that showcases our unique brand and selection and helps us attract customers across the continent. Developing this space has enabled the creation of a new employment opportunity for a full time digital media person responsible for updating our website daily, servicing digital clients on multiple platforms, and shipping orders. We’re reaching new markets, expanding our selection and developing brand trust.

Key Impacts

• One new position created and 4 jobs maintained.

• One new Brand Ambassador connection to assist in marketing campaigns.

• One new category introduction for Spring 2021 - Men’s Wear.

• Three new partnerships created with digital content for web sales in new category.

• Tons of new enthusiasm generated.

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