Pollo Morta / Old Man and Son

A fried chicken shack / #Brunch. Obviously.


75 Wellington St. Stratford, ON

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"We have been very excited to watch our chef team create together. Their ability to utilize each others' skill sets while designing new menu items between the partnerships that have been created, has been inspiring.  We have re-ignited the proverbial culinary flame that creates innovation in our kitchens and allows our team to learn new skills and teach a younger generation of chefs, putting smiles on people faces when they dine-in with us! People love patios.

Thank you for this opportunity to grow our business during these challenging times.  Prior to this grant announcement we were considering which property would have to close and we have been able to sustain all of our full-time staff as we navigate the pandemic."

Jessie Votary, Owner

Project Summary

To create a sustainable workplace for our team and create the transformation to remain viable during the COVID 19 pandemic we re-designed our entire restaurant kitchen and dining room to merge two properties into one.  First, the chef team reallocated menu items to new cooking formats and adjusted the menu to be accommodated by less space in the kitchen.  Then we re-worked the design of the kitchen cooking line to be efficient enough to house 2 separate concepts.

We re-designed our dining room also to accommodate a takeout counter for Pollo Morta to service guests and arranged the remaining tables with physical distance in mind.

We installed plexi-glass and additional separations to keep the flow of traffic safe for all guests and able to maintain 6 feet of distance.

We re-designed and installed signage on the front of the building and had a local tech company update our in house wireless network requirements to accommodate both businesses.

Our social media coordinator worked to update our websites.

Key Impacts

-We were able to move our business to allow guests to enjoy dine-in options in a physically distanced space.

-Overhead costs have been significantly reduced to allow us to sustain on lower sales and to keep full time staff employed.

-New partnerships - Pollo Morta and Old Man and Son have been able to combine a number of processes as well as further support small suppliers.

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