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691 Ontario Street, Stratford ON

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"We want to thank  the STAT program for giving us this opportunity as we have had to make  quite a few changes to the daily operation of our business. We can now serve our guests safely with wireless payment options and also allow them to do check in without having close contact. We are able to stay open and function the best we can given these challenging circumstances."

G. Heer, Owner

Project Summary

Wireless debit/credit machine, laptop to allow guests to check in from a distance, desktop to run the system, safety items/gear (gloves, masks, plexiglass barriers).

Key Impacts

• We are able to keep current staff with possibility of a new hire.

• We will be able to increase sales with the changes that are made as we can fully operate.

• We will be able to form partnerships again with online booking  providers (had to shut those down during COVID).

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