Mercer Kitchen Beer Hall & Hotel

Mercer is a restaurant, bar and boutique hotel concept. Our company mandate is to position ourselves as one of the top restaurants in our city as well as to maintain healthy market share for our branded hotel while acheiving a high degree of employee and customer satisfaction.


104-108 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON, N5A 3H2

Grant Amount


Total Project Cost


"The STAT Grant provided assistance to implement additional seating to help with socially distanced maximums in our dining room.  The railings for the patio helped us create a beautiful curb appeal on one of Stratford's main thoroughfares into our city.  Given the lack of festival tourists and the restrictions on inside dining, our expanded patio was a game changer for our business, our employees and our customers."

Shelley Windsor, Owner/Operator

Project Summary

The expansion of outside dining, the addition of private booths as well as the plexiglass moveable barriers helped us with the ability to serve our guests efficiently and safely to maximize revenue in the most challenging business environment our city has ever faced.

Key Impacts

• Allowed us to stay open by increasing our dining capacity to help with revenue generation.

• Increased competitiveness through curb appeal on Ontario St.,allowing us to gain new customers.

• Helped to maintain employment opportunities.

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