Madelyn's Diner has been a family owned and operated Stratford business for 35 years.


377 Huron Street, Stratford, ON N5A 5T6

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"The STAT Transformation grant has been a true blessing to Madelyn's Diner. It has afforded us the opportunity to remain competitive during these trying times, as well as allowed us to provide a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment for our customers. Without this program, a 35 year old staple to Stratford and surrounding area would have fallen by the wayside during 2020."

Krista Moore

Project Summary

Adapt to new COVID-19 reality through touchless POS, renovations and takeout equipment.

Key Impacts

• Touchless POS system has brought our company into a competitive online market. 

• Dining Room Renovations- the table dividers, walls and new hostess stands gives our customer base a safe, relaxed dining experience during these troubling times. Madelyn's has always been the fun, quirky Little Diner outside of the City Centre; our goal was not to allow Covid to strip us of our unique flair.

• Take-out equipment - with our quick pivot in March, we realized the need of our community at eat real food; our grocery program is thriving due to the freezers we were able to purchase with this program.

• We have managed to retain 13 employees throughout this project with the help of the STAT program, which would not have been possible with this assistance. 

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