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Jaden Entertainment was established in 2017 to draw attention to the film culture in Stratford and surrounding area by showcasing the best in independent films and performing arts cinema as well as provide a home for special community screening events. As the result of COVID-19 we have expanded into related business areas including Movies Under the Stars - Parking lot edition in downtown Stratford, and acquiring the production technology to film and produce a variety of live and recorded community events such as the Rotary Hospice fundraiser and Remembrance Day.


147 Downie St, Stratford, Ontario

Grant Amount


Total Project Cost


“The STAT grant allowed us to quickly adapt our business and apply our creative and production skills to develop new film-related offerings. Without this funding we most certainly would have had to close our operations. This investment has allowed our company to work collaboratively with the community to showcase stories of community spirit and hometown pride and the remarkable talent that has arisen from challenging times."

Andrea O’Shea, Supervising Producer

Project Summary

We invested in a high-end, professional broadcast quality mobile production studio with equipment that allows us to produce multi-camera live and pre-recorded productions from a variety of locations.

Key Impacts

• We are able to hire and provide on-the-job training to technicians who were furloughed as the result of the cancellation of the theatre season.  We created four part time and five FTE jobs as the result of this key funding.

• We developed partnerships with community organizations such as the Royal Canadian Legion and Quinlan Road Productions (Remembrance Day), Rotary Hospice (Handbags for Hospice Fundraiser), Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance and Huron Perth Public Health through our family doctor videos and our stay home stay safe messaging, Stratford Symphony Orchestra and the Stratford Arts and Culture Collective as well as individual artists and performers.

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