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87 Ontario St. Stratford, Ontario

Grant Amount


Total Project Cost

"We are grateful to be a STAT grant recipient. This grant has enabled us to upgrade our website to be more user friendly as well as reach a larger client base. The upgrade of our website and social media will allow us to reach clients from further away that would normally be able to walk into our store during a tourist season. The upgrade will also enable us to implement some of the features that larger companies use, giving us a bit more of a competitive edge as a small local business."

Danna Link, Owner

Project Summary

To upgrade the website, adding more images showing product details, add more products, and use algorithms to increase SEO and general marketing resources.

Key Impacts

• Employed a local photographer for this project

• Increased hours and job security for 3 current full-time staff

• Increased ability to reach a new client base while locked down

• Increased our ability to still deliver our fashions and styling tips to our clients from the comfort of their own home

• Increased our competitive edge with bigger chain businesses

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