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202 Erie Street, Stratford, Ontario

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"We are very thankful for the opportunity provided through the Stratford Tourism Alteration and Transformation Project.  When it became clear what was occurring due to the pandemic, we knew that our traditional way of doing business was over, and that was scary. We no longer had large scale community events for us to attend and operate our business.  Instead of going to our customer, we needed to have our customers come to us, and ensure that we could do it safely. Through the improvements made possible through the STAT grant we were able to adapt our business model.  We now know that as we go forward, we can continue to successfully operate our business. "

Sherri Beatty, Owner/Operator

Project Summary

Digital store front, safety measures, all season adaptation

Key Impacts

• Integration of new technology and/or innovative processes: Our business had very little involvement with technology in our process.  Since COVID we have implemented a Point of Sale system.  We now have over 50% of sales utilizing this technology and are encouraging customers to use it with the hope of moving completely away from cash sales.  Increasing our "online presence" has been very important as well.

• Increased Competitiveness: Our business utilized the STAT project as a springboard to increased competitiveness.  By increasing our "operating season" we are able to service our new/returning customers for additional months (forecasting an additional 4 months of operations per year).

• New Partnerships established: As we began our digital "role out" we were encouraged with the prompt response of requests to have us locate our business at other locations where it would be a good (collaborative) relationship.  This has started conversations for the coming year as well.

• Increased Sustainability: We are cautiously anticipating the increased growth in new markets (Catering/Online Sales/Months of Operation).  This gives us confidence in knowing that we will be able to sustain and potentially grow additional labour requirements. Most recently we have seen our business evolve with catering.  This is something that we had limited involvement with prior to COVID.  We have seen great success with "employee appreciation" events.  Catering to businesses who wish to provide their employees with some activity/treat that follows all the established health protocols/procedures.

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