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The People

We're making smart investments in our future and yours. 

Internationally recognized as an Intelligent Community, Stratford's tradition of innovation and broadband connectivity attracts the world's best talent to all our industries. 

Our business community has top industry leaders, early adopters and innovators all working together and we've invested millions in infrastructure. 

Our legacy in the arts has helped us imagine and create our place in the world. Audiences have attended the world renowned Stratford Festival for 63 years and the festival attracts over half a million visitors each year 

We've always prospered because of our visionary thinking, willingness to take risks and invest in the future. Education resources are plentiful with four universities and 2 highly regarded technical colleges within an easy hours drive. Stratford is also home to the new Stratford Campus of the University of Waterloo, a world-class university offering an innovative masters program in technology, digital media and commercialization and a ground breaking 4-year undergrad program in innovation and global entrepreneurship. 

People travel from all over to visit Stratford's shops, storefronts, parks and restaurants. Treasures are in abundance for visitors and residents alike. From gourmet chocolates to specialty cheeses and organic foods, Stratford offers the best in life. The many food festivals and farmers markets are overflowing with fresh local produce and delicacies while local restaurants serve up the cuisines of the world. 

We also enjoy a quality of patient care on part with major centers. Stratford has invested heavily in a modern and interconnected hospital system that provides the very best in advanced healthcare. And our medical talent is top notch, working with the latest in ehealth connectivity and robotic and diagnostic technologies. 

Stratford has become a place where anything is possible.  Globally connected. Community driven. 

Welcome to a city of tomorrow.