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Stratford attracts entrepreneurs and digital innovators to its diverse business ecosystem. We are constantly exploring new frontiers of collaboration and developing cross platform partnerships to redefine ourselves as we pursue excellence and this evolving world.


Introducing the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN)

The Demonstration Zone, located in Stratford, Ontario, is a site where technologies may be tested, validated and showcased  in live scenarios in accordance with applicable laws and regulations using vehicle platforms such as city buses, fleet vehicles, and OEM vehicles. The Automotive Parts Manufacturer's Association (APMA) will operate the Demonstration Zone on behalf of AVIN. The Demonstration Zone aims to position Ontario as a globally-recognized C/AV and infrastructure jurisdiction. 

The Demonstration Zone will promote a customer-centered approach to the commercialization of innovation in Ontario and Canada and will provide Ontario-based companies with a competitive development option.These activities will also strengthen Canada as a solid region for foreign investment opportunities.

Initial passenger vehicles at the AVIN Demonstration Zone will be showcasing connected vehicle and infrastructure technologies. Later, vehicles at the AVIN Demonstration Zone will have autonomous driving features and capabilities to showcase various types of technologies.  

In addition to the vehicle fleet, the AVIN Demonstration Zone will leverage Stratford's existing connected infrastructure comprised of ubiquitous Wi-Fi that covers the city's entire 12-square kilometers that is reinforced by a high-speed broadband network and LTE.

Click here for more information on Stratford and the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network


In 2016, Renesas Electronics selected the City of Stratford, Ontario, Canada to develop the first chapter of it's self-driving car development program. Renesas autonomyTM has a target to demonstrate engineering accomplishments at CES each year thereafter. A team of scientists and engineers were assembled from University of Waterloo and BlackBerry QNX in nearby Ottawa and Waterloo.

Situated in an overlapping tech and automotive corridor, Stratford provides a unique combination of small and large economies, international trade boundaries and automotive engineering talent on hand. The internationally renowned Stratford Festival is the backbone of our cultural economy and helps to attract a million plus visitors to our City annually.

As cities evolve along with car development increasing in automation, Stratford is determined to also establish itself as a tech and cultural center to welcome the next generation of innovation and entertainment that millennials expect.